Europlasma designs, builds and sells turnkey vacuum plasma treatment equipment. Together with its customers Europlasma develops and optimizes the plasma processes required to solve their  material problems. Europlasma’s ultimate goal is to help its customers to make better and/or cheaper products in an environmentally friendly process.
Europlasma was founded in 1993. Today a team of more than 25 specialists is working in the main plant with R&D facilities and machine assembly hall in Oudenaarde, Belgium. The company has also a subsidiary in Hong Kong for the production and global distribution of process chemicals. Europlasma serves its customers locally with the support of a worldwide network of local agents and distributors, including testing facilities in Belgium, USA, China, and India.
Europlasma pioneered with the first roll-to-roll plasma machine in 1994, and the first industrial nanocoating machine in 1996. Europlasma has been at the forefront of low pressure plasma machine design ever since. Since 2000 Europlasma has also grown a patent portfolio on low pressure plasma processing and applications.
With a growing demand for nanocoating solutions based upon Europlasma’s unique know how and intellectual property, Europlasma launched in 2011 the Nanofics® brand name.
Today Europlasma’s technology is mainly used in the following fields:
• low pressure plasma cleaning, etching, activation and nanocoating of electronic materials and devices,
• low pressure plasma activation and nanocoating of plastic materials and parts,
• low pressure plasma activation and nanocoating of industrial textiles, non-woven or film.