Combine durable water repellency with outstanding breathability, flexibility and lightweight.

Europlasma’s ultra-thin coating solutions are increasingly used on textiles and textile products for outdoor, sporting, military or workwear. With nano-coating apparel and shoes are made truly life-proof,  offering the highest level of protection from water and dirt, or enabling the fastest drying effect, without having to sacrifice on the look & feel or the breathability in the way traditional solutions do.

For premium sporting brands Europlasma has launched the PlasmaGuard® solution. PlasmaGuard® is a durable water repellent (DWR) coating that can be applied to  fabrics or  membranes on roll, as well as to finished products such as garments, shoes, or accessories. Europlasma works with each customer to tailor the solution to and the highest technical performance at an acceptable cost.

The PlasmaGuard® coatings are free from PFOA and PFOS  and have a strong anti-bacterial effect. PlasmaGuard® coatings are applied through Europlasma’s proprietary designed machines and processes. The industrial-scale machines come in different sizes and types (batch vs. roll-to-roll) depending on the customers’ products.

Next to the functional benefits, PlasmaGuard® technology is the perfect solution to the textile industry’s search for more eco-friendly DWR solutions. By using only 1 kg of PlasmaGuard® you save the world from:
• 5 kg of DWR coating-chemicals;
• more than 115 liters of waste water;
• more than 80 kg of CO²;
• use of crosslinking agents, chlorides, formaldehyde and other toxic products used in wet-chemical DWR.

Premium brands that adopt PlasmaGuard® technology instead of conventional wet chemical solutions make a significant contribution to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The traceability of the PlasmaGuard® technology also furnishes honesty and faith in the brand name.

Europlasma’s PlasmaGuard® technology guards your body, guards your product and guards nature. That’s why our technology is being used worldwide by a growing number of leading sports and outdoor brands.

Millions of textile products are protected with Europlasma’s nano-coating solutions on annual basis.

Many of the leading research institutes in this field work with Europlasma technology to develop the next generation of materials and products. Some of these institutes and some of the brands that have started to integrate  Europlasma technology are listed below.

Recommended Machine Types:
                                                     CD681 PlasmaGuard
                                                     CD875 PlasmaGuard
                                                     CD1836 PlasmaGuard
                                                     CD1600/800Roll to Roll PlasmaGuard
                                                     CD1800/800 Roll to Roll PlasmaGuard

Recommended Coating Solutions:
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