Ultimate performance through ultra-thin functional coating.

Industrial textiles are widely used in numerous filtration applications. Depending on the application, the filtration efficiency can be improved by making the filter medium more hydrophobic (water repellent), oleophobic (oil repellent) or hydrophilic (water absorbing).

Europlasma’s durable and performant Nanofics® coatings are used to obtain permanent hydrophobic, oleophobic (from 3 to 8 on the 3M scale) or hydrophilic properties. Our ultra-thin coatings do not impact the pore size of the filter medium, unlike traditional dipping processes, and hence do not suffer from the related performance and pressure drops.

The Nanofics® coating suited for each application is selected from our portfolio of chemistries and applied through our proprietary designed machines and process. Our industrial-scale machines come in different sizes and types (batch vs. roll-to-roll) depending on our customers’ needs. 

Next to the functional benefits, our Nanofics® coating solutions are also much more environmentally friendly than traditional dipping processes, as our solution does not consume any water nor solvents, the energy consumption is drastically reduced as no heating is required, and only small quantities of chemicals are used.

That’s why an increasing number of the world’s leading filtration companies are counting on Europlasma to treat blood filters, HVAC filters, diesel engine filters, battery separators etc.

On annual basis tens of millions of m² of filtration media are modified with  Europlasma technology.

Some key refererences are listed below.

Recommended Machine Types:
                                                     CD400 Roll
                                                     CD1000 Nanofics
                                                     CD1100/500 Roll to Roll
                                                     CD1600/800 Roll to Roll

Recommended Coating Solutions:
                                                     Nanofics® 120
                                                     Nanofics® 110
                                                     Nanofics® 10
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