Unique products through low pressure plasma surface engineering.

Medical devices are often composed of complex materials and components that need to combine multiple functionalities into one product. Plasma technology is increasingly used to make that happen.

Plasma activation is widely used to improve the wettability of medical plastics prior to gluing, printing or functional coating. With low pressure plasma technology the best possible adhesion can be achieved.

Plasma is also used for the fine cleaning of medical plastics and metals used in stents, implants and contact lenses.

Low pressure plasma technology is dry and clean and therefore fits very well in the clean room compatible production processes required for this industry.

There is also growing use of Europlasma’s Nanofics®  technology to add new and permanent functionalities to medical materials and components.
Nanofics 10 is for instance used to create permanent hydrophilic effect on microfluid devices or culture growth products. Nanofics 10 at the same time prevents coagulation of blood, and therefore becomes an ideal finish for medical implants.
With Nanofics 120 or 110 a permanent hydrophobic effect is sought after to avoid for instance  cross-contamination on needles or pipettes.
Europlasma is constantly developing new low pressure plasma based processes to obtain these required effects. The plasma is able to treat both the outer and inner surfaces.

Our industrial-scale machines come in different sizes and types depending on our customers’ needs.

That’s why many top manufacturers of medical components and equipment - of which some of them are listed below  - rely on Europlasma’s plasma-based solutions.

Recommended Machine Types:
                                                     Junior Advanced
                                                     CD300 PLC
                                                     CD400 PLC
                                                     CD1000 PLC
                                                     CD600 Nanofics

    Recommended Coating Solutions:
                                                     Nanofics® 10
                                                     Nanofics® 110
                                                     Nanofics® 120   
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