Environmental friendly cleaning and etching of high end electronic circuitry.

Plasma processes have already earned their stripes within the PCB industry and serve a multitude of applications. Whether our clients seek a solution for cleaning and etching of contamination from the surface (desmear, descum, carbon removal) or for chemical activation (effective treatment of difficult materials, surface preparation prior to lamination) of the surface, we have a tailored plasma solution ready.
Europlasma has also developed several Nanofics® coating solutions that can be applied to both individual components and finished or unfinished PCB’s. The Nanofics 120 and 110 coatings are increasingly used as conformal coatings to protect PCB’s against corrosion from an aggressive environment. In addition, some of the custom design coating solutions can be soldered through and have potential to  replace existing surface finishes such as ENIG, ENEPIG, ImAg, ImSn, OSP, … to prevent oxidation and/or corrosion during board manufacturing.

Our industrial-scale machines come in different sizes (batch vs. roll-to-roll) and types depending on our customers’ needs. They provide for a very effective uniform treatment of both flexible and rigid PCB’s through a dry and clean process that seamlessly integrates into the production line setup.

That’s why Europlasma’s plasma-based solutions find a growing number of customers among PCB manufacturers.

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