Adhesion promotion on complex shaped plastic parts.

Automotive parts are available in all types of materials and shapes, going from basic to very complex shapes. During the production of these parts, manufacturers often encounter adhesion-related hurdles such as during the gluing, painting, flocking or printing. Europlasma has developed a family of proprietary low pressure plasma based processes to improve the adhesion on fiber-reinforced plastics and other engineering plastics.

There is also growing interest to use Europlasma’s Nanofics®  technology in the automotive industry. Nanofics 10 has for instance potential to create anti-fogging effect, and Nanofics 120 or 110 are ideal candidates to improve the  corrosion resistance of automotive electronics.

Our industrial-scale machines come in different sizes and types depending on our customers’ needs.

That’s why several suppliers to the automotive industry rely on Europlasma’s plasma-based solutions.

Recommended Machine Types:
                                                     CD2800 PLC
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